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Patches, Zippers, & Laces

Standard Boot Repair Pricing

Fast, Affordable English Riding Boot Repair. Your riding boots play a significant role in your riding safety and enjoyment. When your boots break, our expert cobblers are ready to handle your repair, getting you back to riding safe and looking great.

The prices below reflect an average cost for the listed repair; the actual cost may vary. Once we receive your items, a repair specialist will inspect your items, then contact you to go over the repair and pricing. If you have questions or don’t see what you need, call 888-371-0883 or text 949-356-9356 for an estimate.

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Lace Replacement (Elastic) $15.00
Half Patch $75.00
Full Patch $90.00
Zipper Replacement $90.00
Binding Replacement $55.00
Binding Repair $35.00
Spur Rest Replacement $35.00
Zipper Protector Replacement $35.00
Interior Heel Protector $25.00

We repair the following brands and more